How It All Begun

In the beginning, the earth was formless and void, then God said, “Let there be chocolate.” and BOOM!  There was chocolate.  Man saw what God had created and said, “Woah, this is so good. Everybody needs this in their lives.  I think I’ll become a chocolatier and open a Chocolate Shop.”

OK, that is so not how it begun, but in some ways there is truth in there.  One, God created the earth and all the vegetation, thus created chocolate.  Two, when man discovered chocolate, they found it to be very, very good. Three, everybody really needs chocolate in their lives, as the old saying goes, keep calm and eat chocolate.  And lastly, four, what better shop to open other than a Chocolate Shop?

In all seriousnessness, I got into chocolate because of my wife, Naisha.  One day she wanted to make some chocolate favors for a party she was going to because it would be different from the norm.  So I went out a brought a bunch of chocolate candy melts, chocolate molds, lollipop sticks, and candy bags, etc.  And she away she went.  She did a pretty good job too.  When I saw how interesting the process was, I began to experiment using different techniques and recipes I got from YouTube.  I was hooked.  Chocolate was seeping into my veins.  I had always loved eating chocolate, and never once ever thinking I was going to make candies from it, but I did and thus became a chocolatier, the British Chocolatier.

Fast forward ten years, I have made thousands of chocolate treats from, truffles, lollipops, chocolate covered oreos and rice krispy treats, various chocolate barks and bites.  All made by hand, one by one, in our home.